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Integrated Logistics & Marketing Channel. Shop Global, Collect Local

Integrated Logistics & Marketing Channel. Shop Global, Collect Local

At Buyandship, is redefining the experience of E-Commerce without changing the sites, disrupting the underlying infrastructure, we provide consolidate, aggregate and load-balance shipments across the world to the consumer's doorstep. Our technology focuses on connecting the fragmented existing logistics infrastructure to create a seamless experience for both merchants and consumers, and the benefit is that they get a solution that is 30-50% less than other carriers. We also work with merchants, marketplaces, and platforms to create a channel to reach an audience across our geographies (9 Countries currently) and reaching over 1.5M+ people per month whilst growing.

We envision our members being able to purchase from any site around the world and have it seamlessly be shipped home. No more geographical restrictions, No more price monopolies, No more ambiguous shipping situations. We are building towards a transparent system, where both buyers and sellers just focus on the product.
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