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Lead Designer

$50k – $80k
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About The Job:

Designers at Buster will be responsible for the entire user experience around the ERP product that we offer. The day to day job will involve working closely with software developers to implement or update features of the application.

We try to have a good reason for every decision that we make, so working with customers, potential customers, and analyzing data about how the product is being used will be common.

About You:

We're looking for level headed people with a long term commitment to helping small businesses. We are not a typical startup. We are not going to be raising millions in funding, building extravagant offices, or hiring hundreds or thousands of employee just because we have the cash. So if you are interested in that type of environment then Buster will not be the right fit.

Honesty and transparency are some of the most important traits we consider. We need employees who are comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas freely.

You gotta love technology and the process of building, marketing, selling, and supporting B2B business software.

You need either experience designing web applications or you need to be able to prove to us that you have the potential to become a fantastic designer.

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