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discover small business opportunity and talent

discover small business opportunity and talent

Full time and temporary hiring is at the highest rate since 2010; contingent/portfolio working is on the increase (along with zero hours contracts, moonlighting and freelance/contract work); and more people than ever before are starting new businesses.

Applying an in-app/freemium revenue model, BusinessDating.com answers the key demands of a disparate small business sector by concentrating on 7 business priorities that are specifically addressed in 4 areas: HIRE, JOIN, BUY and FUND.

Part online marketplace (based on the familiar ‘classified’ ads model) and part Social Discovery site, BusinessDating.com allows a user, free of charge, to create a profile; advertise themselves for work; respond to adverts placed by others; obtain work and other business opportunities; make first contact with people they don't know; obtain information about funding; and communicate with connections (including messaging, posts, meeting organisation, document sharing, IM and Video Chat).

Mallesh Cheekoti

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15+ years of experience in various facets of IT strategic sourcing and development. Co-founder of Intelex Systems and BusinessDating.com
20+ years in legal services (IP enforcement). Founder of Rouse (rouse.com). Management and business development experience. Various start-ups. Author.

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