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Co-Founder Sharethebus


Rachel Cribby

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Sacha Martin

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10+ years in business and digital marketing management driving growth in result-driven tech companies, from startups to NASDAQ firms.

Bruno O. Barros

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Having worked remotely as product designer for a variety of tech companies, I've developed experience on multiple aspects of user-centered UI and UX design.

Buktash Amiri, CPA, CGA

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Worked at Thinking Capital

Emilie Laferrière

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Marketer who loves design, UX, riding a bike and above all, coffee. Currently looking to work in a passionate startup with strong values and vision.

Fabienne Houde-Bastien

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Sarah Jampen Almazan

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John Poisson

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Maison6 Wantful Tiny Pictures (acq. Shutterfly) Sony Softimage (acq. Microsoft) Avid

Gabriel Sundaram

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COO @Bus.com. Interested in product, BI, growth, and community. ex @Real Ventures , @Visible.

Jeremy Kovac

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Growth Product Manager with 5+ years building products & teams at two of Canada's fastest growing companies.
Finance and Data Science at Sharethebus
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Board members and advisors

Co-Founder and CEO of Breathe Life. Previously VP Product Marketing, @PasswordBox . Co-Founder & GM of @FounderFuel, Venture Partner at @Real Ventures Ventures

Parm Gill

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Serial technology entrepreneur, strategic advisor/mentor/coach to startups - #LoveIt.

Former team

Madzia McCutcheon

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Sarah Martinez

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Orla Magill

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Sonnia Kuo

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Dave Lastovskiy

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Jan Christopher Arp

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