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Co-founder & COO @ Bunch.ai
CEO of Bunch. Founded 2 investor-funded startups & bootstrapped 1 consulting business. Driven, business-minded. Ph.D. drop-out due to entrepreneurial ambition.


Andreas Laufenberg

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Marijana Krstić

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Psychology and technology; Researcher and HR manager; Always learning something new
Co-founder & COO @ Bunch.ai

Alex Schenk

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at Bunch

Kurtis Morrison

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Specialize in growth for Machine Learning & AI-based SaaS products.

Joshua Stehr

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I solve problems for people. I am passionate, honest, collaborative, and not afraid to challenge and lead.

Joshua Stehr

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Mark Frein

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A start-up veteran with deep experience in general management, people operations, and organizational development.

Lele Canfora

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Entrepreneur, advisor and consultant for Business Intelligence, Analytics, Growth Strategy, Marketing and Startups

Charles Ahmadzadeh (he-him)

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Expert generalist with a strong tech background. I remove technical barriers & help execute vision to deliver impact, change and value to customers.

Board members and advisors

I am a technology enthusiast, and work as an early stage Tech Investor at Point Nine Capital.
Managing Partner at Atlantic Labs, Early Stage Investment Firm based in Berlin
Founder @xbird

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Samantha Edds

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Maria Di Paolo

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Gabriella Alziari

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Lisa Sophia Träbert

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Basem Saad

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Ivan Maryasin

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