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Talk about stuff. Share it on the internet

Talk about stuff. Share it on the internet

Bumpers is an app that lets you record, edit and publish mini-podcasts. Creating a podcast right now is incredibly difficult. It is impossible to know where to host it, you have to buy a microphone and expensive software to edit it, and then if you do all of that it is near impossible to find an audience. Bumpers fixes all of that by letting you record in app. We then cut the audio up around phrases for you so you can select what you want to keep & remove from the recording. You can also mark different sections for quick navigation, and insert music segues from our curated music library. Once published we will host the bumper for you letting you send it to friends, as well as publish it to our network to people who have subscribed as well as people we think will be interested.

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Designer, Engineer. Worked at twitter, medium; Author, Speaker, Open source nerd (https://github.com/fat)

Ian Ownbey

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Starting Bumpers. I built http://oneshot.link & used to work at Twitter.com and Branch.com
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