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Concierge of Fine Real Estate

Concierge of Fine Real Estate

We're building the Operating System (OS) for Agents to follow. In an industry where 99% of Agencies are still in traditional/legacy settings from 1990's, we're using today's digital assets to increase value for Agents and our Clients. With a deep knowledge in the property landscape and with internal tech resources, we're committed to building the leading platform of the real estate industry. Our clear focus on how to best help our Agents to serve the leads to increase their reach and quality of listings/leads, Bumbung is building software that help automates low value repetitive tasks while allowing our Agents to consistently work on the conversions itself. Bumbung.co | Fine Real Estate

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Gadiy Lim

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Co-founder of Bumbung.co (2016), a property marketplace. MD with Zoposh in 2015, background in Real Estate and Advertising.