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Project management platform for construction and Maintenance



Co-Founder & CTO at BulldozAIR
CEO/Co-founder of BulldozAIR. a web and mobile app that enables teams work effectively with visual tasks exchanged between the field and the office.


Charly Vanhaecke

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Based in Paris (Incubateur Boucicaut) for BulldozAIR

Stéphane Labrousse

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Business Development Manager B2B, enterprise sales and partnerships.

Thomas Lesachey

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CFO at BulldozAIR Went to EDHEC Business School & Stanford University

Jules Masson

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Civil engineering master degree (ESTP) ; 3 years in a Y Combinator 2016 startup (BulldozAIR); doer who leads by exemple, open minded and joyful person

Thibaud Roudier

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Lead Software developer @BulldozAIR

Former team

Pierre-Gilles Leymarie

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Nicolas Zumino

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Simon Bergeron

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Adrien Plat

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Nikhil Kasu

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Ona Mertanen

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