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We’re a London-based scale up backed by Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Group and we're currently looking to expand our team for our next stage of growth. We believe a small team of rock stars can accomplish at least 10x more than an average team so we recruit very selectively and for the right candidate our salary/compensation package can be pretty competitive. We work mostly remotely but like to get together from time to time for a couple weeks, preferably in some nice remote location where we can just enjoy being back together and work in person on some matters (typically business discussions, ideation/design sessions, or working closely together for an important deadline), so you'll need to be opened to travelling! Here are 3 key things we’re looking for in people we hire: 1- Fast learners There’s a minimum you’ll need to know to be quickly operational in our team. However, how you approach problems (creativity and common sense) and your ability to learn new things on the go matter more to us than your specific knowledge to date. Right now, we prefer generalist profiles to specialist ones. If you feel like you'd rather stick to your preferred technologies, frameworks or skills, we’re probably not the right place for you. 2- Builders We look for people who genuinely get excited by facing tough problems and having the opportunity to work with a bunch of friendly, smart people to solve them. So, when screening CVs, we prefer candidates who've spent at least 3 years with a team. You’ll definitely catch our attention if you can demonstrate grit and resilience in your life journey (personal, professional or both) by constantly stretching yourself and seeing things through to achieve actual results. 3- Efficient remote workers We love the freedom and the quality of life that we get while working remotely. But let’s face it, not everybody wants or can work well remotely. Autonomy, effective communication and work ethic are all important for a successful collaboration.