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Jaime Hays

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I have started my own construction companies, and now am interested in helping start ups to be efficient and eloquent in their mission.

Zach Gambill

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EIR - Growth @ BuildZoom • Previous Data Engineer @ Citrine Informatics • Used to breed horseshoe crabs

Aaron Staggs

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Currently at BuildZoom. Graduate of Missouri State University.

Zachary Campbell

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Project Sales Manager at BuildZoom. Inside Sales Representative at PNC Bank. Sales Representative at Follett Corp.

Seung Woo Jung

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Worked at BuildZoom. Went to Stanford University

Winn Hermanski

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Recent Graduate of the University of Oklahoma- BBA Entreprenuership/Venture Management

Ke Deng

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Product Manager at BuildZoom

Kiran Kaur

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Recruiting @BuildZoom

Sofie Graham

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Fullstack Software Engineer. I get excited about building engaging product features and internal tools which drive user behavior and accelerate growth.

Alex Stewart

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Operations Sr. Engineer managing $115M of building systems subcontracts for a corporate headquarters project in Cupertino. BS in ME from Georgia Tech.

gilbert logan

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Worked at BuildZoom

Sommer Daves

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I thrive in fast paced, controlled chaos but am creatively concise and nimble minded which drives my professional management style.

Aaron Staggs

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I love helping companies grow, and finding common sense solutions to complex issues. I thrive working with other individuals toward a common goal.

Katherine Remigio

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Career fixer. Unicorn hunter.
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Board members and advisors

Founder and CEO of Flexport.com, Former Founder and President ImportGenius.com

Drew Oetting

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partner @Formation | 8. Claremont McKenna graduate. Originally from Iowa City, IA

David Petersen

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Cofounder and CEO @BuildZoom Cofounder, ImportGenius Cofounder, Flexport
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Former team

Arra Malekzadeh

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Roy Nelson Donor

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Jennifer Burkinshaw

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Tom Kremer

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Yuliana Havryshchuk

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Nikita Jain

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