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Building infrastructure for the new decentralized world

Building infrastructure for the new decentralized world

BUIDL labs is a blockchain R&D portfolio company of The Vantage Project.

Over the course of building several internet businesses and realizing how hard the process of new value creation is, we admire the ambition and audacity of the daring pioneers building in the blockchain space, even though we both know on some level that the odds of success are slim.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor – Elon Musk

Hence we spend significant time and mindspace in helping the daring pioneers improve those odds by building ecosystems and infrastructure for web3.0 and unlocking wealth creation opportunities in this next tech paradigm.

We contribute by:

1. Engineering throughput
Dedicated engineering bandwidth for open source projects to help build the foundations of a decentralized future. Currently contributing to: Polkadot, Zcash, Tezos, FOAM, Filecoin

2. Ecosystem acceleration
We champion, advocate and evangelise + use our expertise in growth to drive adoption for projects we believe in.

3. Hunting and validating ground for new wealth creation opportunities
Regularly scout and execute multiple 0 to 1 experiments out of which some 1 to 100 opportunities will emerge which will then be spun off as separate businesses out of BUIDL and under TVP.

Closing Note:
All human progress rests on the initiative of the daring. And we spend a part of our time building products, for others. In service and with gratitude.

For sometimes, execution and unflinching belief are more important.

UX Designer - Full-Time

Full-Stack Engineer - Full-time

UX Designer - Internship

Design Technologist - Full-time

UX Designer with ability to code

Design Technologist - Internship

UX Designer with ability to code - Intership

Full-Stack Engineer - Internship

Frontend Engineer - Full-time

Frontend Engineer - Internship

Prastut Kumar

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Partner @The Vantage Project ● 5+ years of product-dev experience spread across various startups, companies & research labs.
Rational Listener + Growth Hacker. Scaled multiple businesses from seed stage revenues (under $10K) to >$10 million in average annual revenue + healthy profits.