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Combination of Craigslist and Linkedin for Cannabis

Combination of Craigslist and Linkedin for Cannabis

BudTrader is a marketing and communications platform for the cannabis industry and community. The platform has over two million registered users who can network and post ads for legal cannabis products, services, events, and jobs. BudTrader services over 200,000 cannabis businesses and is available to users in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

BudTrader has grown to more than 2 million registered users and
stands as a pillar in the pro-cannabis movement.

BudTrader has generated $2 million4 in revenue in the last 24 months and plans to aggressively expand its revenues.

BudTrader added over 1,000 user accounts per day in the last 30 days.
2 million users in the US, 100,000 users in Canada, and 3,000 users in Puerto Rico.

200,000 businesses rely on BudTrader to start and grow their companies and connect with consumers.

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