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Device Data Delivered

Device Data Delivered

Buddy makes IoT data usable. We've created technology that pipes raw data generated from IoT or "connected" devices straight into business intelligence tools like SAP, Salesforce.com, ZenDesk, Geckoboard, Tableau, etc... with no custom hardware, firmware or special connectivity. We do this by offering a cloud service that accepts data from any kind of connected device. Buddy solves the problem connected device vendors have of ingesting massive amounts of device data into their existing BI toolsets (none of which natively support IoT devices as data sources). In as little as three lines of code on any connected device, we can: 1) Host the telemetry data on servers in your choice of the US, EU, China, Brazil and soon Australia 2) Provide real-time dashboards showing how devices are performing 3) Perform queries on the data and then output into any BI tool-set a customer may use. Whatever your BI software - Buddy connects it with the connected devices you manufacture or manage.

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CEO of @Buddy - started Buddy in 2011, took it public in 2015 (ASX:BUD) and continue to lead it. Ex-Microsoft (2000-2011); PricewaterhouseCoopers (1999-2000).
12+ yrs at Fortune 50 tech company, test mgmt, test dev, 7 years management experience.
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