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Supporting mums 24/7

Supporting mums 24/7

bubbed uses smartphone GPS and in-depth tagging technology to recommend matches and content to mums. It lets mums find other mums they might want to chat with and meet, located nearby or further afield. Especially useful for first time mums either expecting or with children up the age of five. These first five years when their children are most needy and before they start attending school, are the years that mums need the most support. It's not easy for mums to find other mums when they are juggling babies and young children. Existing groups provide limited options to find mums you really connect with.
Unlike other apps which focus on location and personality only, bubbed goes much deeper to filter relevant matches and content based on each mums' specific journey of motherhood, whether they have a child with autism or are struggling with toilet training or have premmie twins, bubbed's tagging technology supports all mums.

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