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OUR STORY: In 2009 Brooklyn Boulders (also known as “BKB”) opened its first facility in an old newspaper factory in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, we've grown and evolved beyond what we even thought was possible. Inspired by climbing and community, we're setting out to revolutionize the climbing and fitness industries by integrating them with unique art, culture, and entrepreneurship experiences.

We live and breathe our CORE VALUES. They’re what makes BKB…BKB!

GET WEIRD Be yourself. BKB is your creative playground.

CO-CREATE Trust your team. Results are stronger when we collaborate.

BE RELENTLESS Take risks. Fall hard. Get back up.

MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL Create something extraordinary. Be proud to share it. Never stop improving.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Approach challenges with confidence and grit.


WE ARE: Combining work, life, and play. We're creating and fostering a diverse community of climbers, creatives, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all under one roof. Our community is our lifeblood. Whether it's through special events, climbing classes, or everyday interactions in our collaborative workspaces, our work is motivated by our commitment to providing them with inspiring experiences and exceptional opportunities.
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Posted 10 months ago

WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: The Operations position is responsible for supporting the Brooklyn Boulders’ guest experience. They work together with Experience Guides and Instructors to ensure that all aspects of the guest and member experience are on point. That includes everything from supporting...