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The "roller coaster" camera experience in stadiums and arenas, controlled on your phone..

Business Operations Associate

$45k – $65k • 0.0% – 0.1%
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We care about creating great memories. Our mission is to be at every iconic venue in the world.

At Brizi, we pride ourselves on our diverse and collaborative culture, where we emphasize collective trust and individual ownership across the team, this is a place that has no room for ego or politics. We hire for builders who have a challenge accepted attitude and who know how to bounce back from mistakes and failures. One thing we know for sure, when we grow as a team, we become the best version of ourselves.


- strategic thinker with some experience in business operations at a high-growth company with < 50 employees
- hands on do-er who is pro at multitasking, staying organized, looking after details, and executing under pressure
- energetic communicator who can get along with any personality and easily manages conflicts with an elevated degree of emotional intelligence and self-awareness
- self-motivated fast learner who is highly resourceful, creative, gritty, curious, empathetic, helpful, and has a challenge-accepted attitude


- tracking company wide OKRs (objectives and key results) and their momentum
- ensuring a productive, fun, inclusive, and positive office environment for every team member
- leading the hiring process, onboarding, business reporting, expenses, and operations related to finances


- Joining a startup at an early stage and having a significant impact where there's never a dull moment
- A culture enforced by each team member having skin in the game through the stock options ownership structure
- A small close-knit team that cares for each other and emphasizes mutual respect and appreciation
- A positive, transparent, and respectful work environment that empowers you to make an impact and be the best version of yourself

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Tamer Deif

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Stanford MSEE, MIT MBA, Microsoft Research, Computer Vision, Social Analytics. Software Development, Product Management.

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