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The developer friendly platform to build delightful commercial insurance experiences.

Backend Software Developer @ Briza.io, Member of 500Startups Winter 2020 Cohort

$90k – $115k • 0.0% – 0.315%
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Briza... the air cooler company? Nope! Briza, the technology startup connecting small businesses, insurance brokers and carriers in the buying of commercial insurance -- initially focused on the US market. We’re a seed-stage company headquartered in Toronto, Canada at 1 University Avenue.

We’re adding to our backend team that focuses on integrating with insurance carrier APIs. Projects generally involve synthesizing third-party documentation, writing API clients and building adapters to transform data. These APIs are not pretty, so your persistence and attention to detail are paramount in herding these cats (i.e. JSON, XML). You’ll want to be good at making developer tools (scripts, automation) to make your team’s life easier and to validate integrations.

You’ll be working with a close-knit team of 10, that communicates throughout the day, aligns on architecture and solutions that get documented. We write tests (unit, integration and end-to-end) because it enables us to constantly ship good software fast. Security and data privacy matter, a lot. We are currently setting the foundation of this insurance platform, which means we are figuring out solutions, learning and being creative. The problems ahead of us are unpredictable and at times challenging, which makes this journey interesting for us! And hopefully for you!

Help us move the insurance industry into the 21st century. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our tech stack:
Programming language: Node.js, TypeScript, ES7+
Datastores: PostgreSQL, Redis
Dev environment: Docker-based containers and Docker Compose
Infrastructure: AWS (Fargate, S3, RDS, ElasticCache)

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Ben Munro

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Founder, CEO and Director at Briza Briza brings insurance solutions to small businesses through the web. In a matter of clicks.