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Associate Project Manager

¥120k – ¥180k • No equity
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Job Descriptions:

1 Be responsible for business cooperation negotiation with company partners or related projects and activities, assist the company to achieve negotiation goals,
2 Responsible for the implementation and coordination of oversea activities/projects (planning scheme, time plan, budget, resources, etc.)
3 Responsible for the implementation management and docking service management of oversea activities/projects; able to independently complete the progress promotion of oversea activities/projects and solve all problems in the implementation process of activities/projects
4 Maintain close contact and good communication with partners, sponsors, and governments, and communicate details of activity planning and execution
5 Write activity copy/new media content, project report, government report, etc


1 Bachelor degree or above, study abroad background, living and working experience abroad is preferred
2 Major in marketing, public relations, etc
3 Experience in the investment industry preferred, government relationship preferred, familiar with domestic and foreign technology enterprises, government-related resources, accelerator, incubator projects and resources preferred
4 Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, English must reach the mother tongue level, proficient in English
5 Good communication, coordination and teamwork spirit
6 Good customer service awareness, keen business thinking, and professional ethics
7 Familiar with office software, familiar with PPT making and program writing is preferred
8 Be responsible, able to work under pressure, accept overtime, logical and considerate
9 Excellent adaptability and social skills, able to deal with difficulties and challenges flexibly and deal with problems flexibly
10 Passion, constant change and progress, like challenges

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