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Expert depression and anxiety treatment, from the comfort of home

Senior Full Stack Engineer (React/Rails)

$125k – $175k • 0.01% – 1.0%
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Brightside is on a mission to deliver life-changing care to people with depression and anxiety. We’ve built a product and platform of tools for patients and doctors to drastically increase access to the highest quality care. We value prioritization, collaboration, and an action-oriented approach. We’re well funded and poised to grow rapidly.

The Engineering team is a small group of senior full stack engineers. We value breadth of skill with pockets of deep expertise. For this role, we’re searching for someone with roughly equal depth in both React and Rails to evolve and mature our codebase as well as the skills of the other engineers. We’ve got a set of lean, but mature processes covering product management, design system, automated testing, pull request reviews, CI/CD, code linting, etc.

You will

  • Migrate our existing member-facing React JS web application to React Native.
  • Help build our brand new pharmacy operations iPad app using React Native.
  • Greatly improve on our evidence-based therapy product to add live video sessions, guided audio and video skill building lessons, and 1st class therapist tools.
  • Develop a consolidated data warehouse to support our business intelligence analysis and reporting as well as developing the next wave of our Clinical Decision Support system using machine learning.

You value

  • Patient safety and data security.
  • Clean, simple, readable code.
  • Robust, automated testing (ideally rspec/capybara/jest/enzyme).
  • Full code ownership: front end, back end, dev ops, etc.
  • DRY and YAGNI all day, every day.
  • Small, frequent releases to production to maximize value, get fast feedback, and identify bugs early.

You have

  • Extensive experience (4+ years) writing and supporting complex React web applications.
  • Extensive experience (6+ years) writing and supporting mission critical APIs in Rails.

It’d be nice if you have

  • Built/supported HIPAA-compliant applications.
  • Production experience with React Native.
  • Experience in python, data analysis, reporting/visualization, and/or machine learning.
  • Worked in a small startup that’s grown from 10—>50 employees.
  • Worked remotely and with remote teams.
  • Solved a Rubix Cube in under 30 seconds :)


  • Meaningful impact, great people, balanced life
  • Work remotely and whatever schedule works best for you. We care about results, not 9-5.
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Amazing health insurance: Blue Shield Platinum
  • Hardware and tools of your choice

About applying

  • Please do not email or call our support channel about this position.
  • Remote applicants must be able to support a minimum of 4 hours/day of overlap with a Pacific Time Zone work schedule.
  • As written communication is extremely important for us, please add a note to your application about why you think Brightside's mission is right for you.

Hear what our members have to say:

"At first I was hesitant to try Brightside. I have insurance but I have to pay out of pocket for Brightside services. However, I have never had a better experience with a doctor. I’m used to seeing a doctor once a year, and my Brightside doctor checks in with me all the time. I feel amazing. I have been able to enjoy my life again. Thank you so much." - Amber F.

"I think you guys do an awesome job and have a great app! Recommending you to anyone who will listen :)" - Michaella D.

"Changed my life. Before I used brightside I was so stuck and thought life was just his terrible for everyone. I am so glad I gave it a chance. So many people still feel the stigma of mental illness as something to be hushed or hidden, when in reality more of us have mental issues than not. I had such great care using brightside with doctors that truly cared for my wellbeing. Would recommend to anyone. :blush:" - Nikki S.

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Jeremy J Barth

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Jeremy J Barth

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Founder & CTO @Brightside | CTO @WellnessFX

Brightside at a glance

Expert depression and anxiety treatment, from the comfort of home

Brightside focuses on Digital Health and Mental Health. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.brightside.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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