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One of the primary reasons we started Brightest is because we're very optimistic about human potential. We think there are a lot of amazing, caring, and talented people out there who might not fit in the standard "box" per se, but who, in the right situation or environment, can find and show their greatness.

So we're trying to test that theory here, by asking you to design your own job at Brightest.

To be a good partner to you in this process, we'll try to explain our expectations and what we're looking for:

1. The #1 thing we're ultimately looking for is a win-win partnership with you. We're busy trying to help thousands of people, organizers, non-profits, and social impact organizations be successful and make the world a better place (tl;dr - we're on it, but it's hard), so we need people who are creative problem-solvers, pretty self-sufficient, and can look at who we are, what we're doing, and what we're trying to be and say "hey, you need X, Y, and Z, and I'll help you do it." By the same token, our mission is to lift people up and help everyone be the best version of themselves. Help lift us up, we'll do everything we can to do the same for you.

2. We're primarily a technology company. Yes, there are culture and "media" aspects to what we do in terms of building our brand, getting the word out, and staying true to our mission, but our primary business is to create simple, beautiful, and powerful software, and give it to change-makers to help them do what they do better and faster. We're most definitely not your typical startup, but we are a startup, that's our DNA, just so just recognize that's where we're coming from and what we're looking for.

3. Our biggest currencies are (real) impact and relationships. We need to build relationships with non-profits and impact organizations. We need to help impact orgs build relationships with each other. We need to connect social problems with people who are social problem-solvers. So if "relationships" is your super-power, we're especially interested in talking to you.

As far as specifics, the salary range is very open-ended. If you approached us as a high-school or college student and said "I'd like to make X happen with Brightest at my school or in my community," that sounds cool and we'd be happy to compensate you for that. If you have a lot of work experience (and also have real bills to pay or student debt), we're here for you and want to support you. We probably can't go over $75k max for this role, but if we found someone truly amazing and inspiring (maybe it's you?) anything is possible. Same goes for equity. We want to be as employee-owned as possible, so if you help us build an important part of Brightest we'd like you to own some of that upside too. Seems only right.

The last thing you should probably know is - given that we get a lot of job applications already and this is particularly open-ended - it's likely not going to be enough to just raise your hand and say "I want to work here." Why you? Why us? What can you do for us? What can we do for you? We're confident the right person or people will have unique, interesting answers to those questions.

We'd likely do 2 rounds of interviews, sometimes we ask for a technical, problem-solving, or presentation exercise depending on the role, and if you're great we'll make a decision in 3-4 weeks total.

Sound good? Great. Let us know what you think you can do and maybe we can build something amazing together. This position could be remote, on site, full-time, part-time, or an internship - it's 2019 we're pretty flexible.

Finally, Brightest is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, or any other characteristic. People of color, people with disabilities, women, trans, and non-binary folks, and LGBTQ individuals are encouraged to apply.

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