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A blockchain-secure platform for title & escrow service

Cofounder/API Developer - NO AGENCIES

$0k – $6k • 10.0% – 20.0%
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If you are a web/blockchain development agency, DO NOT APPLY!!!!
If you are looking for a freelance job, DO NOT APPLY!!!!
If you are looking for a regular job, DO NOT APPLY!!!!

Apply only if you really want to build something cool and call it your own.


As part of the Development Team, the following skills are paramount:

  • strong knowledge of Stellar is a pre-requisite... as the title suggests :P
  • good experience with Node.js
  • Git and command line (I'm stating the obvious here)
  • know how to consume third-party APIs
  • comfortable working in a Docker environment
  • solid experience with NoSQL and better yet, Graph databases
  • experience with Elasticsearch and better yet, the whole Elastic Stack


After you first video call or face-to-face interview, the application process includes a test case. The test mainly consist in code reviewing an application and fixing the bugs.


A team of 3 devs has built a POC distributed file system based on IPFS (https://ipfs.io/) and Stellar (https://www.stellar.org/). We want to build solutions that will simplify the real estate closing process, and this includes also building blockchain-based public registry for real estate deeds and documents.

Core stacks: Stellar, Node.js, IPFS, Elasticsearch. For this specific position, we want someone with good experience with Stellar. For the other stacks, no need to have previous knowledge but you'll be expected to learn fast.


The team already has onboard an awesome Tech Cofounder, but we feel that we need to build a stronger IT presence in our founding team.
We're looking for smart, dynamic and ambitious people who have the desire to work on an awesome project and who want to get first-hand experience in building a venture from the ground up.

As member of the founding team at Brickbase:
• you are humble: you listen and learn from developers who are much more experienced than you
• you approach problems with business pragmatism rather than technical dogmatism
• you're eager to work on cool projects and build cool stuff
• you're happy to learn new languages and new technologies
• you've been working on some personal projects, better yet if you have experience as a freelancer
• you have good full-stack skills
• you actually dedicate time and energy to this project and own it


This is a cofounder position, not an employee position. You would join to build a product that will generate revenue and profits, not to get paid a salary. This said, the team will do its best to compensate for effort.

Only people based in Southeast Asia. Strong preference for Bangkok and Singapore.

Brickbase at a glance

A blockchain-secure platform for title & escrow service

Brickbase focuses on Real Estate, Financial Services, Blockchains, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in Bangkok. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.brickbase.io or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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