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A blockchain-secure platform for title & escrow service

A blockchain-secure platform for title & escrow service

Brickbase was born with the mission to make the real estate market more accessible, and we are tackling this objective by first building trust in the real estate investment space. Almost any online purchase gives customers the option to pay cash on delivery. Almost any online purchase allows you to cancel the order before delivery date or to return the item if you're not happy with it. Yet, when it come to sizable expenditures such as the payments for the purchase of real estate, buyers and investors do not enjoy the same amount of options and freedom and are exposed to way more transactional risk. To address this issue, Brickbase has built a blockchain-secured platform for real estate title search, and is now building a one-stop solution for real estate closing. Stay tuned!

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Michel Mustapha Raggio, CFA

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