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Online Marketplace for craft beer breweries and enthusiasts

Online Marketplace for craft beer breweries and enthusiasts

Independent breweries lack access to sales channels outside local areas; distributors & retailers work mainly with, larger, proven breweries. This limits market variety to well-know macrobrews & defeats the craft beer ideas of variety of flavor and perpetual discovery of new beers and breweries. BrewTo.Eu is a Dutch online craft beer marketplace that connects breweries directly to their consumers. It eliminates all other intermediaries and gives breweries streamlined access to the retail market. Consumers can explore breweries and beers that would otherwise never be available to them either locally or online.

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Co-founder of BrewTo.Eu, an online craft beer marketplace. Background in financial analysis and economic consulting.

Luca Spanjaard

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Co-founder BrewTo.eu, craft beer marketplace. Founder rentIndicator, housing rent analyser. Founder Luspada, e-commerce. Background in economics & research.