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BrewBike exists to empower young people

Launch Director

$45k – $50k • 0.05% – 0.1%
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The role of the Launch Director is to enable, motivate, and empower students to run coffee businesses on campus. As a Launch Director, you will oversee multiple campuses, training and supporting the student’s leaders and team members who operate BrewBike on a day-to-day basis. Operating BrewBike means hiring and scheduling staff, purchasing inventory, making coffee, operating retail locations, marketing the brand, and resolving issues along the way. During new campus launches, you will help the students get started and set up the pieces required to be successful, and at existing campuses, you will support the students in driving continuous improvement and growth.

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BrewBike exists to empower young people

BrewBike focuses on Retail, Food and Beverages, and Coffee. Their company has offices in Austin, Chicago, Miami, and San Marcos. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.brewbike.com/

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