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Brewery Management SaaS

Brewery Management SaaS

In simple terms, we have developed a product which is the hub of a brewery. A web app complimented by a mobile application handles the tasks which are convenient to enter on the go. Brew Ninja is a complete inventory solution. It tracks in real time: raw materials, product, and work-in-progress, and equipment. It also handles accounting related to inventory. Brew Ninja is a retail solution. For higher volumes of retail sales, Brew Ninja can integrate with Square Payments. Brew Ninja is a sales platform. From the initial sale, approvals, through the delivery, refunds, equipment returns, even the invoicing in QuickBooks, is all handled by Brew Ninja. Salespeople can leverage the mobile application to quickly create sales, as well as a simple CRM solution. Brew Ninja empowers a brewery’s accounting system. Full synchronization with QuickBooks means customers, vendors, inventory, taxes, and ledgers are kept in sync, without duplicating data entry.

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Co-Founder / sales director for BrewNinja.
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