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Flexible, private, on-demand productive workspaces you can keep from hours to months



Co-founder @Breather · Previously Creative Director at @the-swap-team-1
Founder @Breather • NYTimes bestselling author • Occasional investor


Midori Munguia

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Experienced HR professional looking to leverage my past experiences & bring success to your organization.

Arianne St-Pierre

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People fascinate me. So my life is about meeting, building & maintaining relationships - oh, and finding the right person for the right job.

Maggie Burns

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Strategy consultant, advisor, and film producer. Prev @Industrious @Breather @VTS & buy-side finance.

Adriel Arsenault

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MSc. McGill Physics | Research at McGill and the Max Planck Institute | Recurse Center Alumni | Full stack development & good with Data of all kinds

Samuel Silverman

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Business operations on Bridgewater's Transformation team for two years. Graduated Bowdoin College '14. Started popular Chipotle delivery business at school.

Pierre Buyle

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Software developer with significant experience (10+ years) in web application engineering and object oriented programming.

Jessica Ramsden

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Worked for Stylight Gmbh, Etsy UK, Westwing (Rocket internet Gmbh), mydeco.com

Erin Haug

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Experienced Interior Designer and Project Manager looking to explore a new career while maintaining a creative core.

Dan Jacob

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A connector passionate about using technology to solve problems, share knowledge & build engaged communities. Global Partnerships & Special Projects @Breather

Christophe Ullens

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check ou my linkedin

Bill MacEwen

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PM'd @Breather , founder @Spacelist. @Babson College MBA. Father of two.

Michelle Arnold

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Breather, Flatiron Health, AppNexus, Lot18

Maribel Motta

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Tech Recruiter @Breather

Mitesh Patel

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Operations Associate @Breather | @UWO Health Sci Graduate. Looking for a business development role within a quickly growing company.

Kurt Wilson

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Worked at Breather, Just Eat. Experience with Account Management, Benchmarking, Business Development. Went to Concordia University
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Board members and advisors

Andrew McCormack

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Partner at @Valar Ventures

James Fitzgerald

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Partner @Valar Ventures

Julien Smith

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Founder @Breather • NYTimes bestselling author • Occasional investor
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Former team

Alessia Bellisario

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Packy McCormick

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Derek Baynton

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Toby Ciottone

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Charlotte Mas

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Joel Simpson

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