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Internet for emerging markets

Internet for emerging markets

BRCK is a hardware and cloud services technology platform that delivers rugged and reliable connectivity solutions in the most demanding environments. As the next 4.5 billion people (65% of the world) start coming online, the need for rugged, reliable, and simple connectivity becomes critical in places with poor infrastructure and limited resources. While existing technologies work well in modern cities, the demands of emerging markets necessitates a rethinking of how technology is engineered, packaged, delivered, and supported. BRCK was conceived in exactly this type of environment. In particular, our struggles in Africa with reliable connectivity inspired us to rethink the entire concept of rugged internet access device - designing the world’s first go-anywhere, connect-to-anything, always available internet device. Whether running an office of developers or collecting sensor data from the field, the BRCK was designed to ensure that nothing gets in the way of staying connected.

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Philip Walton

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Reg Orton

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Co-founder of BRCK • Studied at @University of Auckland • brck.com

Jon Shuler

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Co-Founder of BRCK. Background in Field Journalism, and Communications. Studied at Brooks Institute of Photography

Erik Hersman

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Co-founder of @Ushahidi, @BRCK, @iHub, Savannah Fund, and AfriLabs. Senior TED and PopTech Fellow. Where Africa and technology collide...
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