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Founder BrandYourself.com
Co-Founder & Head of Product at @BrandYourself.com, the first do-it-yourself platform that helps anyone improve their own search results.

Patrick Ambron

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-Co-founder & CEO of @BrandYourself.com -Mentor Syracuse Student Sandbox -Mentor & Advisor The BlackStone Launchpad -Instructor General Assembly


Amanda Tarnate

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Eases clients into the world of SEO and online reputation management as a Reputation Advisor @BrandYourself. Recommends strategies, sells peace of mind.

Wes Roberts

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eleventy-five in a bucket of jive

May Pascaud

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McGill Honors; digital marketing, design, writing; worked at Match Education, HubSpot, BrandYourself, Public Radio International.

Alec galanti

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Geoffrey Kwan

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Worked at @BrandYourself • Studied at @New York University

Sohana Alim

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Rebecca Saltzman

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Senior Reputation Specialist at BrandYourself, Creative Content Strategist

Sabrina Clark

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Director of Marketing at BrandYourself.com, formerly at VisionScape

Robert Daw

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Marketing management graduate with sales, advertising, PR, SEO, social media, and website design experience from multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Christopher Banks

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Operations and client service leader with experience in a high-growth startup environment.

Ryan Erskine

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Ryan Erskine is a Brand Strategist @BrandYourself where he helps develop clients brands, position them as thought leaders, and manage their search results.
Matt Archambault has helped people improve their online reputations at Brandyourself since 2013.
Trevor Elwell is the Chief Culture Officer at @BrandYourself.com. Trevor graduated from SU in May 2011, and is passionate about all things music and technology.

Board members and advisors

Scott Johnson

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Founder, Blitzscaling Ventures Founder, UpRound Group Managing Director at NAV.VC

David Stack

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David Stack is a chief financial officer with over 20 years of success in leading global financial operations for growing companies.

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