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Even Walser

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Early stage employee of and investor in @Practice Fusion. Lead go to market strategy leading to first 2,000 customers and 200,000 users.

Jenna Snyder

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Kevin Chansky

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@CU Boulder alum. Currently @Brandwatch, solving brand's biggest questions with social media data. Pug lover and displaced Bostonian in NYC.

Laurel Fischer

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Creative producer and project manager with a passion for clean design and a background in operations.

Mariola Lezcano Diez

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Aaron Hayes-Roth

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Business / Corporate Development leader who loves defining new opportunities & ecosystems and building partnerships to achieve strategic and measurable outcomes

Alice Bernadette Zappe

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Creative software developer with a passion for vintage computers, hardware and all things DIY.

Doh Y Jung

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Holly Youdan

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In-house technical recruiter, helping add to our engineering excellence. Responsible for all tech recruitment at Brandwatch.

Derek Eassey

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Melanie Corolleur

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I’m an experienced and versatile marketing and community management specialist.

Filippo Natali

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Alex Garcia

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Olivier Korver

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Leigh Anne Williams

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Former team

Hywel Gyles

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Benedikt Parstorfer

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Jessica Thomas

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Yonahtan Pimentel

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Alex Cootes

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Catherine McGivney

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