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Flight simulation for sales people.

Flight simulation for sales people.

BranchTrack is an award-winning software-as-a-service that helps corporation train better staff in sales, customer service, management and beyond. We improve online learning by adding realistic customer simulations into the mix. When learners face an actual customer and have to make actual decisions, they tend to care more, remember more and apply their knowledge in their jobs faster. When used in e.g. customer service training, better results directly translate into increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

We also offer insight into learner behavior within the simulations, uncovers their choices and mistakes. This data can be used to improve work processes, identify skill gaps and prioritise training efforts.

Creating complex branching scenarios in BranchTrack is unprecedentally easy as using post-its or drawing on a whiteboard. Design takes seconds and finished projects can be shared, embedded into courses or launching via our own platform.
Business Development @BranchTrack, board member @eegloo & @BuzzTale Founded one of the leading IT/design agencies in Latvia, exited in 2010.
Ruby on Rails Front-end and Back-end Development at BranchTrack
Founder @BranchTrack • Studied at @Stockholm School Of Economics In Riga • Owner at www.intea.lv

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