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3x Founder. Named "Top 50 Angel Investor" by Forbes. Angel in 50 co's incl 7 unicorns: @Snapchat @Opendoor @Reddit @PAX Labs @Poshmark @Grove Collaborative @Outreach


Ray Siu

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Founder at Choir. EIR at Social+Capital. In a previous life, wrote VFX software at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, and Dreamworks Animation. EECS, Cal 2006.

Niko Vuori

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Founder & CEO of @Drivetime. Previously co-founder @Rocket Games (acquired July 2016), founder & CEO @Informifi, GM @Zynga, product @BranchOut & @ToyTalk.
Founder @Soma Water, former Marketing Manager @BranchOut, Studied at @Yale University and @Boston College.
Founder @Nudge Technology
Founder DoBetter • Worked at @Social Capital • Studied at @Stanford University

Christa Diaz

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Account Manager at Hired, proven sales record and sparkling personality.

Mark Dondanville

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Customer Success guru, a true customer advocate. Coupled with an MBA and startup experience I am looking to grow/develop a Success Team within an organization.

Adam Robertson

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Director of Operations @MediaSpike. Founder, CTO @Cooked.It, Director of Technical Operations @Playdom, Director of Product Operations @BranchOut

Mike DeVerna

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CEO of fit!. COO & Head of Growth @Wag (Led to $350M+ raised in < 4 years). Growth @Wheels, @Hired, BranchOut (30M +users - acq.) Growth mentor @amplifyFounder

Board members and advisors

Early: Uber, FB, Twitter, Alibaba, Shopify, Duolingo, etc. Podcast: 400M+ downloads. 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. 100+ media outlets (NYT, Fallon, etc.).

Geoff Yang

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Founding partner at Redpoint Ventures (www.redpoint.com). Looking for consumer and infrastructure companies that will create and shape new markets.
Managing Partner, NFX. Co-Founder @Tickle (Monster), @WonderHill (@Kabam), IronPearl, @Jiff (Castlight: CSLT)
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Matt Frischer

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Dylin Redling

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Gregory Wong

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Zack Onisko

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Alison Derse

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Kai Fortney

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