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Co-Founder @Branch. Passionate about Mobile App Growth. Marketer by day, designer and photographer by night.
Product development engineer turned business guy. Stanford MBA, MechE undergrad, and indoor enthusiast. Love mobile software and building my own furniture.

Alex Austin

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Stanford EE with strong CS background and one of those Stanford MBA things. Love mobile software.


Zaid Al-Husseini

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Product Leader & Software Engineer, Product @Facebook, VP of Product @Trip, Product @Zynga, Strategy @Disney, MS @Stanford, BS Computer Eng. @Duke University

Cedric Hayes

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Kevin Ebach

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Shathiya Rengalwar

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Tiffany Chan

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Aisha Ansari

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Ashish Kulhari

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Demand Generation Manager @ Capgemini | 4+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Design | Software, IT and Manufacturing | Passionate about Growth |

Jared Ben-Jamin

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Working at Branch to support our enterprise clients

Matej Horava

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Early Wildfire/LiveRamp employee all the way through to Google/Acxiom acquisitions. Now at Sensor Tower, the next big thing in mobile data.

Cat Perez

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Business Development, Results-orientated, looking to learn more

Sean Murphy

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Dave Carhart

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Jongho Im

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Lisa Herz

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Danny Gamboa

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Former team

Monica Cuyong

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Samir Thanedar

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Mike Winters

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Sofus Macskassy

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Evan Barry

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Claire Chen

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