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Brainsfeed Limited is a Hong Kong-based research tech company helping companies getting the insights they need on time. The company developed a platform that connects the right analyst with the right research sub-question. With more than 3,000 analysts registered on the platform, the company is serving 100 clients worldwide.

We are leading a Collective Intelligence platform for crowd consulting. Our system is powered by cognitive diversity and AI.

About the Brainsfeed platform tech stack:
- React, Redux, PWA, SSE;
- Git, Docker, Postgres, AWS, CI pipeline, Serverless functions, REST API;
- Functional programming server and client-side, DDD.

We are searching for a web developer with experience in:
- JS, Node and NPM;
- at least one JVM language;
- Functional programming concepts¹;
- SQL;
- UML (you will have to read, produce and brainstorm about diagrams);
- Algorithms design and time complexity.

We accept juniors as we are going to seriously train you in-house to write
Clojure and ClojureScript. You'll be trained to use the whole language
and tools by two senior devs with multiple years of experience in teaching,
training and functional programming. The training period is of course under the
normal contract (it's not an internship, you have to be present for meetings,
will produce useful features progressively, and you are paid the normal way).

We are interested in your profile if you worked with most of these:
- ES7,8,9+ concepts;
- Distributed programming frameworks (Spark, Storm, …);
- A regular web framework (router, MVC, parameters parsing, JSON, middlewares, modules, DI, …);
- Postgres;
- Functional programming languages;

What is mandatory beforehand:
- Git;
- you use a UNIX system and know how to use it (package manager, SSH,
StackOverflow flavored bash scripts);
- basic knowledge of HTTP;
- you know what's a REST API and how it works.

Not mandatory but big plus:
- you already crashed a production system and you can make a post-mortem;
- you already designed and implemented features in such a bad way, that you
produced more tech debt than global warming. You know why, what was your twisted tough process, what was your fault and what was not. And you can
explain it to us;
- you know how to use Vim, Emacs or Spacemacs (we won't force you to use them if you are more productive with another editor);
- you pay attention to details, if you do so, please mention "Platypus" in your application;
- you make dank memes.

The tech interview will focus on your ability:
- to learn;
- to work within a team;
- to communicate your thought process;
- to search for things you don't know;
- to defend your opinion using a scientific approach;
- to design recursive algorithms;
- to keep yourself up to date with what's happening in the software dev

If you're enthusiastic to join a dynamic team where you'll learn a lot, while
building and shipping features having a direct impact on the company business,
feel free to get in touch.

We want you to know and have experience with:
- recursivity;
- map, filter, reduce and their derivatives;
- memoization, partial application, application, closures and the likes;
- laziness.

No need to know about Haskell, HM type system and Category Theory.

Join a fast-growing company made of millennial's from all over the world. Brainsfeed is from the Internet. We know no wall, no border. Have fun and make the world a better place. Looking for a junior, entry-level. distributed role work from anywhere, join a kickass team.

If you are seeking a meaningful job. You found the right place.

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