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Market Research & Consumer Insights ( FREELANCER)

$1k – $2k • No equity
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Do you have some extra time on hands?

Want to make some additional income?

Brainsfeed is a new kind of on-demand desk research platform that makes your brain scalable. We provide instant access to a broad network of analysts around the globe. We help organizations to gain the insights they need to make smarter decisions on time.


Join our community of analysts from all over the globe. We will train you to become a brainsfeeder. A stakeholder of our collective intelligence platform.

Benefices: why you should join?

-Earn some money while you learn. Leverage your free time
-Super flexible: you can work just a few hours per week up to as much as a full-time employee. Set your own schedule and have full control over the workload
-Get continuous training via the Brainsfeed Academy
-Be a stakeholder of the bigger picture, building a collective intelligence platform
-Belong to a community of analysts worldwide
-Work from home or any location around the globe
-Learn about new industries and sharpen your business skills

What you’ll do as a brainsfeeder?

-Scope and understand problem statements and projects from clients.
-Collaborate with a team of analysts from all over the globe
-Write research reports of a broad range of topics (market sizing, trends, soft due diligence, consumer behavior, competitor analysis)
-Conduct desk research using Google and various proprietary data sources
-Synthesize findings into short reports for clients


Strong sense of curiosity and desire to learn
Strong professionalism, able to meet deadlines
Superior English writing skill (all our reports are in English)
Must have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in several subjects
Ability to create concise summaries that directly answer users’ questions
A discerning eye for quality content and critical thinking
Strong problem-solving skills, research capabilities, attention to details,
Proficiency with Google Suites.

We are really excited about your application. We would use the platform for further communication. We just launched a brand new way to collaborate with hundreds of different brains!

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