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People who join us are all super achievers. Open-minded and able to think out of the box.
We laugh a lot... maybe too much sometimes. Working does not have to suc*! Passion is what brought us together. We don't spend our days in meetings. We get sh*t done.

We're 3D

Distributed: we believe in remote work. The team is 100% decentralized. We don't have any office.
Talent is everywhere and we consider the world as a our talent pool.

Dedicated: we believe in the vision. We are all 100% dedicated to our mission, building the smartest brain on earth.

Diversified: We believe more diverse team are more resilient and are simply the best. Plus, it's more fun to work with people with different culture,background, nationalities.

Perks and benefits

Growing the pie together

We do give ESOP

Work from anywhere you want!

We are a distributed team

Computer allowance