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Building Better Healthcare

Building Better Healthcare

Our core product, Doctor’s Diary (DD) is a data-driven cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) application for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to document diseases, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Motto is “One Patient One Record” in India. Doctor's Diary for Kids (DDK) is a pediatric healthcare service for schools and kindergartens, focusing on early diagnosis and quality treatment of any underlying disorder that may affect a child’s ability to learn, grasp, and perform with utmost efficiency. While building adequate infrastructure for the transformation of the healthcare sector is a priority for us at Brainpan, we also understand the importance of raising awareness of critical care within a population. Doctor's Diary for Health & Environment Safety (DD-HES) fills in the gap. Disease Atlas is a cloud-based, autonomous early warning system for epidemics and pandemics. It mines, monitors, and mathematically models various contagious outbreaks.

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