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Daniel S. Covacich

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Particle Physicist and data scientist, worked at CERN, startups and R&D technology companies. Experience in machine learning, data analysis & algorithm design.

Kym Yeardley

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MBA, 6 years’ international in France, Belgium, Spain & England in Startups to MNCs. Changing tomorrow as Digital Asset Manager @BRAINCITIES Lab
Chief business officer at Braincities : Business developer, ecosystem builder, investor relations & Partnership manager - B2B customer acquisition expert
Experienced tech guys passionate by team building in disruptive European start-up: www.braincities.co.

Board members and advisors

"Intra"&"Entre"preneur. Head of Innovation. Ai, digital & IoT @infosys Serial founder, mentor ex @Yahoo @Tradedoubler Digital & social entrepreneurship
12 years in China, 3 in Singapore. Now commuting to Asia from Paris. Former VC, Angel in China startups. Cross-border M&A #INSEAD # East China Normal University

Former team

Quentin Dubois

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