Augmenting Decision-Makers Capabilities With Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence.


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As a priority, we recruit members of our community.

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We’re looking for a senior Peer to Peer and decentralized network engineer to help us build Datachain, the distributed network and the related protocol that will secure the data used by AI to provide accurate and reliable recommendations to individuals, businesses, government, IoT user and suppplier. You’ll create a research and development team to define and implement a real life solution. This position require you to be able :

- to write scientific papers, article, applications document meeting with governmental and corporate requirements,

- to organize and manage in vivo experimentations.

We are trying to create something new. Something that do not exist. You will have to look out of the common grid to solve the challenge underlying this layer of BRAINCITIES platform.

How to Apply?
Write a 1200 to 5000 word article, paper, prospective analysis, about one of the following topics:

1/ How to solve the data forgery problem with peer to peer / decentralized architectures?

2/ Why data reliability is key for AI and when will it become critical?

3/ Alternatively to current internet what are the other technology that might be used to build a strong, pervasive and persistant information global network? FM? AM? Hertz? What are the strength and weaknesses of such a solution.

4/ How could data streaming principle make BlockChain and Internet more secured?

Make creative but realistic propositions.
Send your proposition to datachain@braincities.co

Kazé & José

PS: You may not be the right fit for this job position. But might know the person we are looking for. Do not hesitate to share the job description. We thank you in advance for your support.

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