Augmenting Decision-Makers Capabilities With Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence.

CTO | Web and Software architect

$65k – $90k • 3.0% – 5.0%
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BRAINCITIES LAB is an award-winning AI startup that is shaping the city of the future one brick at the time. We are based in Paris, France.

We are developing an autonomous system specializing in patterns to contexts matching. We designed a heterogeneous data refinery platform powered by NLP component that feeds a dynamic ontology engine. To improve our algorithms and the whole process, we are recruiting creative people. We are building an IT team of 10 people to work in Paris. Therefore we are hiring a CTO to secure the team's development and delivery capabilities and accelerate the industrialisation of the whole platform.

The Chief Technology Officer requires versatility and innovative capability to navigate between the 3 layers of BRAINCITIES Platform :
- Business Layer and digital service
- Cloud & Data refinery
- AI, DLT, Data mining

The ideal candidate should design the platform industrialised architecture and coordinate the integration of additional features.

Founder's objective: allocate more time for business, delivering current customers, attract and convince more clients, convince Investors, Scale, industrialised

Team Culture traits:
- Convergence point: vision, dream, food, sharing, chilling, Sport (martial arts, basketball, running)
- Passionate by: music (playing guitar, rock, electro-rock, Erik Satie), Berlin, Barcelona, Shanghai, Dubaï, Munich, Stuttgart, Good Gin
- Team archetype: crew, clan, family
- To be improved: communication
- Organisation type: decentralised
- Strengths: creativity, confidence, independence, tolerance, multiculturalism

- Senior web and software architect, with Lead Developer experience, and experienced CTO.
- Good work ethic, hard-worker, communicative, passionate, self-driven
- Passionate by tech challenges and performance
- Both experience in cloud computing and and SAAS
- Willing to build a deeptech based product
- Mastering Scrum, RAD and whole agile methodology

Current platform: Javascript, NodeJS, ExpressJs, ReactJS, python, AWS, Hadoop, Pytorch, Spark our data preprocessing engine #BlackBox...

Personality traits:
Team player, Omega, Curious, moderate extravert, rigorous, methodical, documenting project, Familiar to collaborating tools like confluence Bitbucket

3% to 5% equity

Apply and/or become a Members of our open-source community:

You can join DATACHAIN community on Telegram: t.me/datachain
Or on meetup: meetup.com/datachaindc

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