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Mila Ly

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Recruiting Manager skilled in HR, Talent Acquisition, People Operations, Employee Engagement, Business Development & implementing organizational HR initiatives.

Haoruo Peng

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BS from Tsinghua, PhD from UIUC, expertise in ML and NLP

Xin Wan

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BS from Tsinghua, MS from CMU, Full-stack Engineer

Michelle Marie Dong

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Spent the last 9 yrs helping early stage startups grow. Previously ran growth marketing, operations, PR, partnerships. Advisor to early stage startups.

Mark Lu

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Lin Yuan

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Board members and advisors

Scott Cook is a co-founder of Intuit, and currently Chairman of the Executive Committee. Scott Cook is also a director of eBay and Procter & Gamble.
Former Head Scientist at Oculus VR, Prof @University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign , expert in virtual reality, robotics, sensor fusion, human perception + more

Former team

Chelsea King

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