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Full Stack Javascript Developer

$95k – $135k estimated
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We’re looking for a full stack javascript developer who will be comfortable working on all parts of our product stack - front end, back end and our mobile app (all javascript).

You Will
- Be on a small team working on core business functions
- Constantly improving all aspects of the product (web, iOS, Android)
- Integrating our service into IoT devices (Alexa, Sonos, etc)
- Working in multiple different tech stacks daily
- Shipping code multiple times a week
- Working on code that is used by hundreds of thousands of users

What We’re Looking for
- At least two years of experience with react and node.js
- At least two years of experience building apps with react-native
- Ability to work on multiple projects at a time
- The ability to take existing design elements and use them to expand the product
- Experience working in a fast paced environment with hard deadlines
- Good time management, with excellent communication skills