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Founded in the summer of 2016, BPRISE (spelled Be-Prise)'s mission is to provide personalization for you and me.

Haven't we all seen or received ads that are completely irrelevant to us? Haven't we walked into a restaurant that we frequent often and hoped that at least once the staff knew our tastes?

Billions of dollars are spent worldwide in advertising and marketing content. But are they really relevant to us? Imagine the media wastage which gets priced into the final product that we buy.

Similarly, as much as business owners invest in customer relationship management systems, it doesn't seem to percolate down to us. The store, the restaurant and even our personal banker doesn't seem to get relationship management right.

At BPRISE, we set about on a mission to change just that. We want to make your go-to restaurant your favorite restaurant. Your go-to store, your favorite store and your bank, your favorite bank. And we do this using bleeding edge technology to help them communicate with you personally.
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