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Democratizing Analytics!

Democratizing Analytics!

A brief introduction for Boxx: Over the last 10 years, a number of organizations across industries have benefited from analytics. The growth of big data, machine learning, open source software and cloud computing has further increased the potential. However, setting up an analytics unit is difficult – it needs the right combination of skill-sets, right software, and commitment. Typically, it takes 18 months before the analytics initiative starts delivering results. Boxx democratizes analytics! Boxx provides industry-specific productized solutions for most critical analytics use-cases. This results in: - Plug and play applications: No dependence on people, software and hardware - Best in industry solutions: Adopted from best known solutions, configured to improve - Quick results: Measurable results from month 1 - Lower costs: Typically, cost of 1 employee to run the full program - Lower risks: Available in SaaS mode, and hence can be stopped anytime

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UI developer - HTML/CSS/Javascript

Senior Full Stack Developer - Python

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Founder @Boxx.ai • Worked at @IBM, @McKinsey & Co