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A place for your stuff. A home for collectors

A place for your stuff. A home for collectors

Boxes is a home for collectors and a place to keep your collections with you always, organized and searchable. You can find great collections owned by others and socialize with a community of people that share your interests.

Sell and trade your things when you're ready and shop hundreds of thousands of items owned by collectors, artists, shops and more.

Boxes is great for your:

- Comic book collection

- Star Wars and toy collections

- Closet of shoes, handbags, and clothes (they’re collections too!)

- Sports memorabilia and trading cards

- Collection of antiques

- Portfolio of artwork

- Collection of watches

- Coin collection

Solomon Engel

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Founder and CEO of @Boxes | Formally @Advise.me | Investor and Advisor

Aaron Anderson

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Founder & Art Director of @Boxes. Founder & Designer of @Advise.me

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