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Delivering the products you love in bulk, for the best prices - big sizes, and even bigger savings


Boxed is made up of a vibrant and fun group of engineers, designers, marketers, salespeople, and operations specialists. The team works with a passion for driving superior value and experiences to customers. Customers choose to buy from Boxed because it saves them time and money, which in turn makes their lives easier—and employees believe that this makes what they do worth their continuous focus and devotion. Every person who works at Boxed does shifts at the fulfillment center as part of their onboarding. It doesn’t matter if they're the general counsel or the COO, they line up for their morning shift and pack boxes. This allows every member on the Boxed team to understand and appreciate the entire customer journey whilst maintaining the humble, customer-first culture of Boxed.

Perks and benefits

Healthcare benefits

Flexible parental leave

Equity benefits

Competitive compensation and stock options

Unlimited pto

Company meals

Frequent company lunches and endless snacks

Pet-friendly office

Every day is bring your dog to work day!