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Software Engineer (Robotics)

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Job Description

  1. Develop robotics application modules for end-user customization
  2. Evaluation of navigation technologies on mobile robots
  3. Evaluation of interfacing methods between robots and application modules
  4. Engage in deployment of systems at customer sites
  5. Closely work with the product development team to evaluate system limitations

Job Requirements

  1. Strong programming skills in C++/Python
  2. Experience using Linux Operating Systems
  3. Excellent software development skills, bug analysis and general debugging
  4. Ability to understand system architecture
  5. Ability to do cross-disciplinary work
  6. Ability to do hands-on work on physical robots
  7. Experience in Robot Operating System is appreciated

Other Requirements:

  1. Good interpersonal skills
  2. Excellent learning ability
  3. Passionate about the robotics industry