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BotMinds is a platform to buy, sell or create intelligent business bots, where even a non-developer can own an AI Powered Knowledge acquisition bot in less than 5 minutes.

It is a SaaS-based DIY solution for enterprises and knowledge workers to convert intuitive decisions into knowledge acquisition bots . We are disrupting the way Artificial intelligence based knowledge acquisition pipelines created now. When traditional approaches are taking anywhere from days to months, our platform enables people to do the same thing in minutes. We believe we are onto something big, which we are assured again and again by the traction metrics we can see.

We got funded recently towards hiring more top talents like you. As an early growth stage company with the product is in the hands of few customers already, we are very bullish on our outlook. Incorporated in Seattle, the USA, and developer team in Chennai, India, we are a 10 Member team with primary skills on Python, C#, Azure Cloud Computing, and AngularJs with TypeScript.
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UX Developer

Job Description

We are looking to hire UX designer/engineer with 3+ years of experience. The candidate will be expected to work independently, as well as, collaboratively to deliver insights and designs that shape the future direction of the product.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

BotMinds is first of its kind platform to capture human judgments into bots. It is a SaaS-based DIY solution for enterprises and knowledge workers to convert knowledge or intuition behind decisions into consumable APIs & shareable apps.