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Inspire people to run in Greater Boston

Inspire people to run in Greater Boston

Boston Road Runners (BRR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Working to create a vibrant community and inspire people to run. Through our Community & Youth Initiative, weekly run clubs, and road races, BRR is committed to empowering runners to achieve their goals.

To foster and support an inclusive Greater Boston running community by creating an open, accessible, and welcoming environment for athletes of all backgrounds and experience levels across the region.

We envision a vibrant ever-growing Boston running organization that brings together runners of all experience levels and strive to unite runners in their love for the sport. BRR foresees an encouraging running environment that highlights local causes and organizations while promoting solidarity among runners who are like-minded in their training and who can help one another grow as athletes, leaders, and community members.

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