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We offer an environment where you get to work on an exciting product that surfs the current wave of A.I. innovation, together with experienced professionals. There is a lot of room to develop your skills, and have a large impact on the project. Unlike many start-ups, we take work-life balance seriously. Our engineers work from nine to six, and are not expected to answer their phone after that. Working from home is definitely a possibility, but for all members of our team we require a minimum of 2 days on location. Not that the location is problematic, being right next to the maritime museum in the center of Amsterdam, in the house where Vincent van Gogh lived for a year. Oh, and one of the founders regularly cooks risotto, sushi and various soups!
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Software Engineer

FullStack / Backend Developer (1fte - EU)

Posted 5 months ago

Company Profile AM-Flow provides end to end digital manufacturing solutions starting right after the 3D powder bed printers have done their job. For Additive Manufacturing companies that are facing rapid growth, labor expenses for post production increase rapidly as well. We offer various...