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3D printing and creation for everyone

3D printing and creation for everyone

3D printing takes a huge flight, but for most of us it is hard to create a 3D printable file. 3D modelling software is complicated and it is difficult if not impossible to find the exact object you have in mind on the internet. Even if you find an object that is close to what you want, it’s hard to customize.

You select, sketch or upload a 3D object as a starting point for a journey to the model you have in mind. This ideal object is found by intuitively selecting better alternatives and combinations that the website offers you. If you upload or link to an existing 3D model, Borges will give you a new version that you can customize and personalize. By sharing your creations and discoveries that you find cool or useful, they may serve as starting points or beacons for the journey of other users. This way, the community builds a knowledge base of searchable models by means of collaborative discovery.

gideon may

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Founder and Creative Director @Borges.xyz / AM-Flow.com, Gamedesign (Vanguard Games), Visual arts (automatic expressionism at Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam)